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Debbie's Spurts 5 years ago
Crossing this one off my list.

One thing I like doing, particularly for soups, to replace or supplement sausage in soups is to use the spice blend that goes into the sausage. In spice aisle and spice stores, I've found really good "chorizo Seasining" "sage sausage seasoning" blends. A little extra fennel echoes Italian sausage in soups, sauces and when used in veggie/garden burgers . A little liquid smoke, hickory salt or other "smoked whatever" blends help replace or reduce bacon and ham. I found something labelled "Smokey Seasoning" at the big box store in with those huge plastic Tones spice containers (except it's either Durkee or McMormick brand) that I really like with a caution that it's peppery so don't use more of it than you would pepper.
BrokenTune 5 years ago
Please let me know any good recipes you find for a vegetarian version of Italian Wedding Soup!!!!

As for veggie/vegan cookery books, .... arrrghhhhhh .,,, It's been a source of much frustration for me for similar reasons you mention, but most of all I find the recipes so ... uninspired or limited.

I've been veggie (lacto-ovo) for20+ years and to be honest, I find the best source of recipes is the www.
Tho, when I started, I loved the Linda McCartney books because they had some really useful information about nutrition in them along with some easy recipes that did not require ingredients from a specialist supplier....

Now, I just tend to google the main ingredient I want to use or specifically look for veggie version of x.

One of my favourite sites for inspiration is:

Sounds dreadful - I love the Mossewood series (every book published I think)- Mollie Katzen her recipes never let me down