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That looks like a great list. "Toms River" is on my list as well -- I used to work there (and live about a half hour's drive away) for a year in the late 1990s.
TeaStitchRead 3 years ago
I grew up in NJ for the first half of my childhood, so I'm always interested in how clean up of the state is going.
Really? Where did you live (if you don't mind the question)?

I used to live in Belmar while working in Toms River -- it was one of the best years of my life.
TeaStitchRead 3 years ago
As a 2 year old until I was 11 I lived in Parsippany-Lake Hiawatha area. Went to school at Northvale Elementary. Then during my the Christmas break of my fifth grade year, we moved to the very corner of northeastern Pennsylvania, which is another area affected by pollution and mismanagement of the environment.
Oh wow, no wonder you're interested in the subject then.

Before I decided on the job in Toms River, it looked for a while like I might be working in Morristown, so I had a bit of a look around that area as well, actually!
Linda Hilton 3 years ago
My daughter lives in East Hanover.