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Eeek. What IS up with that?!
Yeah, weird isn't it?
Maybe watch a while if (a) either others join the groups and they do turn out to be legit, or (b) they get deleted again? (The BL folks ARE pretty watchful, after all.) God, I hate the thought that spammers might have found a way in already ... let's hope it's not true!
Seriously. I know one of them is a legitimate organization as I work at an Organization
in the same field, but that doesn't explain why they'd make a group here.
SilverThistle 5 years ago
I saw that too. I also saw a post a while back on the booklikes official blog (about blocking users when blocking first came out) saying that users were thrilled to be blocking the spammy non-book users here who were only here to boost their company spam agenda's. I'm guessing it's groups by those users who just want the coverage and links for their google rankings.
I'm afraid that's quite possible -- they tried the same thing on GR with listopia lists (for copyright-violating sports broadcasts and erotica websites operating from Asia as well). If so ... well, I guess the good news is that BookLikes really is on the international radar now. The bad news is that this is happening at all! :(
Bark at the Ghouls 5 years ago
I just saw that too. Hopefully it gets nipped soon before they take over.
I'm glad I'm not the only one who is bothered by that.