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BrokenTune 7 years ago
I'm thrilled you liked it so much. It really surprised me how effective Ozeki's "light touch" was when handling quite tough issues.
Mike Finn 7 years ago
I think that the logic underlying the issues is so clear to her that she doesn't focus on labouring those points but rather on why people don't immediately understand them, She's also able to be compassionate without losing sight of people's weaknesses.

Have you read "Tale For A Time Being". It's astonishing but a much tougher read emotionally.
BrokenTune 7 years ago
Without wanting to fangirl, but Ozeki is one of my favourite authors and I have devoured everything I could get my hands on (link: ). A Tale is a firm favourite of mine.

I wish there was news of working on a new book... :(