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Darth Pedant 2 years ago
Random factoid: This is the same guy who was sued by Hachette, who wanted their $500,000 advance back after he turned in a manuscript that was "not original to Smith, but instead is in large part an appropriation of a 120- year-old public-domain work", which made me wonder if anyone at Hachette knew who they were signing. Heh.
Mike Finn 2 years ago
Wow. That's a "someone has blundered" situation.

The movie, which I loved and which is now included in Prime, also has some financial problems: Production Cost: $28m. Worldwode Box Office $16m + video sales of $6m.
Darth Pedant 2 years ago
Oh dear. I guess if you made a Venn diagram, the cross-section of Austen movie fans and zombie movie fans would be a tiny unprofitable sliver.