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Don't feel ashamed for your government. Your city is beautiful, you have every reason to celebrate the fact that it has survived throughout the centuries and maintained its magnificence, and is still able to show it off in the warmth of the evening light. Take it as a symbol of hope?
Mike Finn 3 years ago
Thank you. I know I need to get this in perspective and you're right, those spires were always meant as a prayer, a hope for better things to come, and they're still there.

It's not my government that I'm ashamed of. They're doing what Tories always do only with more zeal and less competence than usual. I'm ashamed because the people of my country voted for these guys, even though it was always clear who they were and what they would do. We seem to have lost our sense of community and replaced it with anger and selfishness. I know some of that has been engineered but, as the saying goes, the crisis doesn't make the person, it shows who the person is.

Anyway, I'm trying to let it go.
Familiar Diversions 3 years ago
I feel the same way about the deaths in the US. We're at over 93,000 deaths, nearly a third of all the COVID-19 deaths worldwide, and instead of national mourning we have people getting angry that they're being asked to wear masks and wondering whether the virus is actually some sort of hoax.
Mike Finn 3 years ago
The news from the US is horrible, especially when you look at how concentrated the deaths are.

The UK's numbers, per captia, are worse.

We have 55,000 'excess deaths' 33,000 of which are recognised as COVID-19. Scale those numbers up to the US and they'd be 242,00 'excess deaths' and 145,000 recognised as COVID-19.

I'm sure the time for mourning will come.