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markk 4 years ago
I know how you feel. At this point I'm just popping in occasionally in the hope that something improves.
Bookishly4 4 years ago
I'm in the same boat. I deleted my old account (somewhat accidentally) but re-opened this one just to keep an eye on things.
Bookishly4 4 years ago
Mike, let's also add to the litany and the Dashboard loads only one or two activities and then quits loading -- so what use is it for keeping up with one's friends.
Mike Finn 4 years ago
At the moment I feel like I'm walking the halls of a once great hotel, now fallen into ruin, and hearing the sounds of music and happy people coming from a room I haven't yet found the door to. It's a mix of strong disappointment and faint hope.
4 years ago
I know exactly how you must feel.It's hard for me to check in and when I do everything is so slowww.