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A Voracious Reader 3 years ago
D'awwwww! What a cutiepie! And I'm totally behind the lazy reading weekend. *fist bump*
We are moving too. I feel your pain. We were nly given just a little shy of 30 days notice. Just found a place, and got 10 dys left. Ugh, stress. Cute little bundle of joy you got there. I look a pics like this and miss it (my youngest is seven), then I look a my zombie pics from when my kids were tiny and those thoughts of wanting another go right away! Lol
Tina (HDB) 3 years ago
Good luck with your move. It's seriously a rough process no matter how many times you've done it. Hahaha the zombie phase is real but I'm loving watching her grow and change so much everyday
Jessica (HDB) 3 years ago
Yay for a reading weekend!
That shirt is amazing! Good luck with the move and the reading weekend and will look forward to the moments you get to stop in and chat :)
Tina (HDB) 3 years ago