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Debbie's Spurts 6 years ago
I like that idea. I saw another brand's on HGTV's "I Want That" but it wasn't clear so in your case since Loki won't eat without Ti in the room the clear one looks best.

Is Ti too overweight to jump up on counters and tables? I had an alpha/bully that was overweight that we put on the counter with his own bowl while feeding the others on the floor. Kept him there until they had a good start then moved him and his bowl down to another room. We also kept a self-feeder of dry around which seemed to reassure all of them where it was never so bad one of them wouldn't eat if alpha not in the room. Took a few months before alpha stopped overchowing at the self feeder but the morning bullying got to be a mere token where he'd take a bite out of everyone's bowl then go off to his own -- just being the first to eat seemed to satisfy the alpha need.
Liz Loves Books 6 years ago
Yes, I think the fact that it is clear helps a lot.

Ti is enormous. He definitely cannot jump on the counters. I have tried keeping food up on the kitchen counter for Loki and he will jump up and sniff it but he doesn't eat much there. I've thought about a self-feeder but I think Ti still might eat too much from it. I'm pretty sure he's eating compulsively when I am gone during the day. I may consider getting one with a timer, but right now he's doing okay without kibble except at mealtimes, though I am giving them about an hour to two hour "mealtime" three times a day for now.
Debbie's Spurts 6 years ago
Maybe feed TI on the counter, blocking so he can't jump down. And part of the compulsive eating may be because there isn't steady access to food, particularly when you are gone during the day. Definitely on any self/timer feeder do a diet food and/or rotate in with the dental care, hairball, etc. types of food so at least when chowing there's some benefit. Or put the self feeder up just on a counter the intimidated kitty can get to when they do get hungry (didn't work for us, because the big one would just send the little one up there to kick kibble down to him).

I know it sounds strange (and fattening) to do the self feeder for a few months trying to get him secure that there will always be food. Unless vet warns against, I'd risk the fattening for a few months against staying so much a bully and fattening for years.

Good news is that when TI does get older and has any health issues (provided you have managed the food situation and eventually the weight is less of an issue) -- my vet says the chow hounds are much better at surviving.
We use a Superfeeder inside one of our MeowSpaces to keep our overeater from being miserable all day with hunger. It lets down a little at a time per our discretion all day. She is not fat anymore, thanks to the MeowSpace, and both our cats love having their own. I've spent a fortune on therapy to keep myself sane around my cats. All I needed was a MeowSpace! LOL!