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Happy ER visit! But those rocking kickers Re so worth the medical bill ightmare you are undoubtfully going to incur.
Mona Hanna 4 years ago
Are they really that bad? I'm practising walking in them at home so when I go out I hopefully manage not to fall on my face. But maybe I'm just kidding myself :)
I love high heels. I need to repair mine, though. The stiletto heels crapped out on me.
Mona Hanna 4 years ago
I like high heels too but stopped wearing them a long time ago because I gained a lot of weight and didn't feel comfortable wearing them. Also my feet went up a shoe suze so my old high heels didn't fit. But I finally lost enough weight that I want to start wearing them again, and my feet went back down a size so my old shoes fit! Yay! Sorry your shoes need repair but hopefully they'll be fixed well.