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It's cold enough that I should be putting the heat on, but I'm the only one in the house, and I like it frigid. There was a layer of frost on the car yesterday morning, and I was thrilled.
Mona Hanna 3 years ago
I'll be right over!
You can curl up in Black Bolt with me, if you want. Although gimme some notice so I can get clean sheets and stuff.

Yeah, Black Bolt says he can deal with that if he could deal with five wives. Four of whom were space aliens.
Mona Hanna 3 years ago
Lol :) Sounds nice, except for the 20 hours of flying to get to you haha :)
Neither Black Bolt nor I can help you with that!
Frigid enough here too. I scratched my name on my car window this morning in the frosty layer. I love the smell of autumn leaves. I would bring you an air conditioner but the ocean is in the way.
Mona Hanna 3 years ago
Thanks :) We have an air conditioner down stairs but not upstairs, and I find it hard to sleep on the couch. Maybe I'll get a blow up bed for the lounge for summer.
I think my husband needs five wives that way I can read all day while they wait on me hand and foot.
He had five queens. It was a really fucking bizarre storyline.