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RedT Reads Randomly 4 years ago
Yikes! First year of marriage is pretty hard, without being blind-sided with something like that. So glad he's doing finer. Hope things become much easier for both of you.
I believe our first year of marriage would have continued on much the same as our other years living together, but unfortunately it has been difficult - not the marriage, but helping my husband overcome his mental illness. Our marriage is still as strong as ever.
I remember our first year of marriage. Holy smokes, there were so many times I was sure it was done, over things like leaving the lights on or how often we gassed up the car. Big adjustment for us :-)

Hope you two are settling in a bit, creating that nice,comfortable rut...
I don't think it's been a big adjustment. The big adjustment has been adjusting to a lower income as my husband cuts his hours at work, and my having to be more responsible than I'm really comfortable with to look after him.
Congratulations on being newly married! Sorry to hear about the bumps in the road thus far, but hopefully it will just bring you both closer together and make you stronger :)
I like to think we were already pretty close but it certainly has been a difficult time.
Glad to have found you, and I do hope you and your husband make it through.

Shakespeare is my hero as well -- and I have one very loving and affectionate [and completely spoiled] feline furbaby left (of what was originally a trio).
Furbabies are the best.
They totally are!
Thanks for your kind words.