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How good are these books!? shame the movie didnt pan out so well. hearing you call them children sounds so amusing to me as i was their age when i first read this series.
apparently 12 yrs olds? in america? i believe have to read this series for english! crazy. No way would i want a kid under 16 reading these books, there pretty full on.
YA Fanatic 7 years ago
I LOVED the first movie. I thought they did a great job. Wish they did the whole series. Agreed, one of my favorite series!
I think these books are fantastic. I first read them when I was around the ferals age as well. I don't think they're too intense for children, in fact I think they're more intense for adults to read because we have the wisdom and experience that comes with our age. As a child I didn't take the violence so hard and was pretty oblivious to the fact that everyone wanted to rape Fi.

I loved the movie. They're making a TV show. I can't wait.
yea but no one else seem to enjoy the movie :(
OMG really? a tv show?! but i doubt it'll have the same actors :/ and will it be one of those odd internet shows where the acting is.... not as good as other acting? lol.
Still, I'm keen to check it out.
YA Fanatic 7 years ago
I read them in early high school and was obsessed. Graduated college now and really need to re-read them. I had no idea they were making a tv show!
did you guys read the chronicles? based a little after the man series? i think there's 3 books.
I haven't read the Chronicles before but I will do after I finish the main series.
they're definitely worth the read as well, from what i recall not as tense as the main series - still a few action scenes and daring moments though.