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Such a cute name! I love it!
Thank you, we wanted something a little less serious than 'the moonlight library' and we feel this is a better name for a group blog. I think it's a bit whimsical.
It definitely is
It is a great name
Thank you!
Love the new name :)
Thanks so much Rose!
Thankyou for the heads up. It is much appreciated...
I thought it would be a little confusing for everyone if someone with a different name and look just started commenting like we were old friends...
Yep, I would have gone off the rails and blamed Booklikes for deleting one friend and adding some complete stranger :-)
Debbie's Spurts 3 years ago
Added a co-blogger to booklikes?
No, she's not on Booklikes. Added a co-blogger to the blog.
Spare Ammo 3 years ago
I'm never going to remember this. I don't suppose you could add (formerly Moonlight Library) to your posts for a while? I love the new name, I just have a hard time connecting the name to the face, or the blog in this case.

Welcome to your new co-blogger.
I'm still playing around, now my name says Nemo so that should help.
Debbie's Spurts 3 years ago
Yay ... I like the new name now. Helps jog my old lady memory.
Yep, just had to figure out where to change it.