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Familiar Diversions 2 years ago
A partial review copy? Meh. Endings can really color how I feel about a book, so I'd have been annoyed not to have the full thing.
I've requested a partial review copy once before, knowing it was only the first third of the book, and I really enjoyed the excerpt and went on to purchase the book. I'm buying this book anyway, I was just super annoyed it didn't say it was only a partial. It led me to believe Nix had succumbed to what a lot of modern YA authors do and simply chop a story in half and don't wrap anything up at the end of the first book in the hopes of selling the second one as well. I think that's disrespectful to readers who could stay up all night invested in reading the story only for no conclusion and also it appears to be money grubbing.
Man, NG has really turned into a tool...
I would have been happy to review a partial copy, I just didn't know and I honestly thought the book had ended at this terrible spot, an awful cliffhanger with nothing resolved, which is what a lot of YA authors do, hoping to sell the next book in the series.