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Darth Pedant 2 years ago
((hugs!)) I'm always glad to see you post, especially when you haven't posted in a while. I think a lot of us know how crazy life can get, the spiked and flaming curve balls that get thrown at us sometimes, and how hard it can be just trying to keep our heads above water. I mixed a lot of metaphors there, but basically I'm trying to say hi, welcome back, I enjoyed this review, and I will never think you're a shit for prioritizing crazy life stuff over book reviews. ((more hugs))

P.S. I now have cool GP envy. Mine is . . . not cool. After months of not really listening to me, he finally told me he thinks my chronic pain is all in my head and maybe I'd feel better if I wrote in a diary to help with my anxiety issues. So yeah, I'm shopping for a new GP.
Definitely shop for a new GP! I switched to mine when my husband needed someone unbiased to treat his mental illness, and he's just the greatest, gentlest, funniest, most caring guy who did research into depression and weather in Scotland, so we knew we could trust him. Your GP sounds like shithead and you need one who will listen unbiased especially about pain! GPs used to think endometriosis was all in the head and now it's really taking off as a serious issue.

I'm glad I can stop by occasionally to make random posts and I'm not forgotten. This year has just been the worst and like you said, I've had to prioritise crazy life stuff over, well, pretty much everything. I'm hoping things will settle down next year (we're alread EIGHT MONTHS into the year? Whaaaaa?) and I can get back to my regular routines.
Debbie's Spurts 2 years ago
I hope your specialist issues work out. Take care.
Got an appointment next week with the original guy, not the shithead, so here's hoping!