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Familiar Diversions 1 year ago
I'm glad that your sleep apnea is being treated and that the future will hopefully be brighter.

Er... My life isn't terribly interesting, but I've recently discovered the awesomeness of turning leftover bread into bread pudding and then topping it with homemade whipped cream, so there's that. :)
Oh my god, YUM! That's an awesome discovery. My husband knows how to make bread pudding, I'll try to convince him to make me one. Thanks for that!
Linda Hilton 1 year ago
We miss you, too, and look forward to having you back . . SOON.

The only thing at all interesting in my life is I'm writing again. Oh, man, am I ever!
That's awesome! I'm glad you're delving into your passion again. I still think about Moonsilver, which is the only one of yours I've read, to this day. I'm glad you're producing again.
Darth Pony 1 year ago
I'm so glad your sleep apnea situation has improved! It's a bit easier to face the crap life throws at us when we're at least getting decent rest.

I don't know if this qualifies as interesting, but a local hobby shop went out of business and I spent over a hundred dollars on clearance-priced embroidery thread for cross-stitching. It took me a week to wind it all onto cardboard bobbins to fit into my thread boxes (and I had to buy more bobbins and a new thread box, too). Never mind that I haven't touched any of my cross-stitch stuff for about a decade; the inability to pass up deeply discounted embroidery thread is woven into the very fabric of my being, apparently. XD
I know how you feel, I love a good bargain too! I've always wante to learn how to cross-stitch, I think they look so classy. I've been gifted a few and they're gorgeous, but I want to learn to crochet first so I can make my friend something for her baby to wear.
Wow! Glad to hear of the optimism for the future. What a horrible experience! But welcome back!
Thank you, just popping in to say hi and I miss everyone.
Welcome back -- I'm glad to hear the treatment seems to be working. Fingers crossed for things to continue looking up!
Thank you, I'm a pretty positive person so I have hope for the future.
Welcome back. I hope your life improves overall, but I hope that happens for everyone.

And I'm sorry, I have to go back to the three projects I have due for grad school this week. (Well, two, I want to double check a couple things, but one paper=down, and quite frankly my one-page handout on AI is aaaaamost done.)

ETA: but, yeah, grad school is the most exciting, stressful thing that is eating up my life and soul right now.
Grad school! That is so cool. Can you PM me and tell me what you're studying?
I can, but it's Library Science. I've been talking about it a lot lately so it's not a big secret or anything. Let me know if you want me to PM you, but especially since things aren't better for you - I'd so been hoping you were chilling on a beach or something - I don't know if you want a PM. Or is it just me who freaks out when I'm feeling shitty/overwhelmed and like but I can't add this thing on top of it all?
No, I legit want a PM to catch me up because I haven't been around.
Welcome Back
Thank you!
Angela 1 year ago
Glad to hear you are okay.
Just thought I'd let everyone know I'm not dead.
Welcome back! The most interesting thing in my life recently is my daughter driving. It's been scary and yet liberating. I don't have to drive them to school anymore or drive her to her boyfriend's house. But the sad part is, she doesn't need me as much anymore. This is the start of her real independence and there's more to come...
Gaining the independence from driving is a huge step. Well done to your kid!
I don't know any other way to be, things have to get better!