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Great review. I added this book to my tbr. I love dystopian stories with kick*** female characters.
It's definitely alternate history but it just feels so dystopian.
Darth Pony 12 months ago
I normally hate zombies, but this book sounds so awesome that I've been eyeing it since it was announced. I may take the plunge and pre-order.
I normally hate zombies, too. Maybe it's because they call them ;shamblers' in this. I don't know, it was just so readable.
Merle 12 months ago
Thanks for the review; this sounds interesting! “Negro” wasn’t a slur at the time (that would be another n-word) and I’m not sure it even is now. It would be a weird thing to say and I’m sure some people would take offense at it, but probably in the same way as if you called someone an “authoress” - its offensiveness is largely in being an outdated way of referring to people.
I definitely felt uncomfortable just writing the word down.