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Rashika, The Book Owl 5 years ago
Congratulations!! :)
Thank you very much!
Must feel nice :-)
I'm surprised you're not there yet!
I haven't even broken the 100 followers mark yet. I am being a lot more picky about who I follow than I was on GR, and I know that impacts who ends up following me. That and the SFF group isn't nearly as big a pond to go fishing in as I was hoping.
I guess I hope my consistent reviewing every 2-4 days on SFF will help in the coming months. Because I have to admit, I *am* an attention whore ;-)
Well, I couldn't advise or
tell you why people are following me. I'm still flattered people take an interest at all.
That kitty is insanely well trained. Or well fed and thought it was getting more food...
Or, you know, a cat. LOL.
LOL. I've never seen a cat give a high before, though... It looks like it's on command/trained to do that in the video.
Yep, it certainly looks like something they've done before.
Mona Hanna 5 years ago
Congrats on 200 followers. I just had to comment - I want all those kitties! Especially the white one that gives cuddles. Best gif ever! :)
Yeah, that kitty gif is one of my favourites.