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I don't think you'll get flamed for that - it's a perfectly reasonable perspective.
Chris' Fish Place 7 years ago
Literally WTF - because there was also this

But it sounds like a totally different book.
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It is a totally different book, but the two events are related.
Chris' Fish Place 7 years ago
Yeah, I just did some more joking. Turns out Dray was just simply making a stupid and racist joke.
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All of what you just said is true.

And, yeah, the thing is that it so shocking that they are willing to go on record supporting this crap just because the "bullies" and "trolls" are against it. Sometimes the enemy of your enemy is not your friend. Sometimes the enemy of your enemy is a despicable (and barely literate) racist rape apologist.
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And let's be honest here, shall we. If Sally Hemings had been a 14-year-old white girl in endless indentured servitude to a 44-year-old black master who was repeatedly raping her (and fathering children with her) I don't think anyone would call this anything but rape.
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Honest to God, I expected better of her. I really did.
Me too. But she's got her head well and truly in the sand with this one. All she can see is TEH BULLIEZ!!!! And the fact that the book is just one of the most offensively racist pieces of crap out there doesn't matter, because TEH BULLIEZ are against it, so she has to support it. I honestly thought she was a little bit more intelligent, but it seems I was wrong.
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Paro claimed on Anne Rice's fan page that my post defamed him for standing up for a bullied author. Could someone please read my post again, and let me know where I mentioned his name, or even his existence? Paro, go ahead, you have my permission to comment here if you'd like. Knock yourself out and explain to me how I've defamed you. Please.
PistolPete 7 years ago
Perhaps in his muddled mind he thinks that because HE WROTE the STGRB post (notice how they blanked his name), that somehow your criticism is at him. Who knows what goes on between those ears.
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I think he's just mad because he didn't get a mention so he could be mad about that. Nothing is worse than being irrelevant when you're a nasty little troller..
He is currently being vile towards Jenny Trout on Twitter. Can Anne Rice truly not see what kind of person he is?
nospin 7 years ago
She is telling everyone on her page there is no rascism in the book so rascism is a non issue
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It's fantastic that the elderly white lady gets to tell everyone else when and where racism does or does not exist.
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I'm sure that is true, honey. Here, let me patronize you a bit. Because that isn't offensive at all.
nospin 7 years ago
Park reported to her that the N word wasn't in it so it couldn't be fascist.
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His basic argument is that it is so poorly written that it can't possibly be racist, because Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings don't actually have sex in the book. So, basically, because the author failed to deliver on the promised racist master/slave child rape fantasy of an actual historical figure, it is excused from criticism. Which is so nonsensical that I just can't even.

So, if someone tries to write something that is clearly based on a despicable and offensive racist premise, but they are a terrible writer so the final product is basically a word salad execution of the racist premise, they are excused from responsibility for the inherent racism of their intended work? How in the fuck does that make sense to anyone? Honest to God.
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Ironically, she also talks incessantly about "responsible shaming." What could be more responsible than shaming this book?
Just want to add that Anne is deleting comments that proves Kevin / Paro is a well known troll who has trashed many books. (Shocker, right?!!) Here are some comments I noticed are missing. I will r
nospin 7 years ago
Her son backs her on the STGRB campaign ?.
Got screenshots or a link?
I am with Nospin. Unless there is proof he is supporting this, I don't buy it. She supports him, that is all I have seen.
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I agree, & I am going to delete the comment, since the commenter hasn't returned with any proof.
May I have permission to quote you on the slave/rape thing? I found The Winner's Curse to be really icky because of this very reason.
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Of course.
What. The. Fuck?

And here I thought the most depressing thing to happen to me in the book world today would be my book coming in bent/Pratchett passing. (Don't read his books, but he's so prolific and beloved, and he could actually write. I tried one of his books, and the dude could write. He will be missed.)

And here comes Rice with this bullshit. I can't even... nope, can't.

What in the actual fuck is wrong with these people that they think this is defensible?
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They'd rather win than be right. Honestly, that's it. There are no boundaries that they won't cross to "beat" the "bullies" even if the war is only in their fevered imaginations, and the bulliez don't even exist.

They really need to ask themselves - is this truly the person that I want to be? Someone so self-involved that I will defend the indefensible because someone I hate pointed out that it is indefensible?
Rane Aria 7 years ago
The sad thing is they don't care how they come across. The "I'm Right Your Wrong" Mindset is truly all they care for. They rather whitewash the past, stick their head in the sand then hear another view that isn't their own.

It's truly so very sad and with Pratchett passing today...very saddening
Apparently, yes, yes, this /is/ the person she, and everyone following along, want to be.

And no, they don't give a fuck how they come across.
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That's a great post! Thanks for linking it.
ebooks are my thang 7 years ago
I watched some of this play out on FB then Twitter, at least what is further narrated in Deidre's post above, and still feel sick to my stomach over how VILE it was. Now to hear Anne Rice is taking this VILE stance???? Just out of sheer hatred for Jenny? NAUSEATING. This is a GREAT post. Thank you!!! @SpazP
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Yup. She sure is.

And her echo chamber is right there with her.
I'm so disgusted by this whole situation - speaking also as a POC woman, but on the note of Rice's blind defense of it? And her attack on Jenny Trout? How far is this woman willing to go to kill respect for her artistry and career?

Great post, Moonlight, as always.
BooksChatter 7 years ago
Very well said.
I simply could not believe this latest drama when I first heard of it. I was and still am speechless.
The mind boggles.
And for the cherry on top, just when you think AR cannot stoop any further... she excels herself...
I don't understand why her assistant and/or her son do not stop her from making such a public ass of herself. She used to be such a respected author...
Amy (guest) 7 years ago
Kevin is now going around claiming the author is a WoC and that Jenny is racist, despite the fact that if Free Man really is a WoC, Jenny wouldn't have known that. But Kevin's the only one who knows where to find links to Free Man's videos despite the fact that she has no Twitter or Facebook. So what are the betting odds that Kevin is Free Man?
GuestS (guest) 7 years ago
I'd just like to toss in, about the piracy thing, that John Green literally just joked about pirating his own book to confirm that a quote he was making money off was something that he didn't actually write. I think it's exposing a double standard that John Green winks at piracy with a, 'teehee I pirated myself' while Jenny Trout gets slammed for literally not caring what people pirate. Also people are building it up as a straw man to take away at the issue of racism at the heart of this whole thing. Most everyone here is talking about what the problem really is, and why AR is a piece of trash; however, just remember that people who weren't up in arms about John Green's wink to piracy but now they are just to help defend a racist piece of trash. Two cents are fin.
Actually, Jenny also dealt with that. Like, 'how would you like it if people pirated /your/ books?' and she went, well, I link them to those sites. She pirates her own books, too! She's made it quite clear how she feels about this.

But, yes, total double standard. The more I think about this whole thing, the angrier I get, to be honest.
BooksChatter 7 years ago
The whole thing is ridiculous but sadly it reflects the societies we live in and the calibre of people and lies individuals choose to believe.
Jenny never encouraged piracy - you'd have to be a moron to interpret 4 words out of her 1129 words article as such.
Also, she said she gave links to her SELF PUBLISHED books - i.e. just those to which she owns the publishing rights.

We could write many essays on the various aspects that are oh so wrong with this latest drama.
ginmar 7 years ago
"You cannot say yes unless you can say no." Perfect. Just perfect. I've been looking for something to beat *somebody* over the head with, and that's concise.