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Welcome back!
Moonlight Snow 3 years ago
It was a blast! My feet are so gross, though, from being in flip-flops and walking around in the dirt for a week. I think my daughter & are going for a pedicure tomorrow!
Moonlight Snow 3 years ago
Woot, woot! Gonna be awesome!
Rane Aria 3 years ago
*huggles* Welcome Back!
Debbie's Spurts 3 years ago
Oddly, when I go barefoot in the dirt my cleaned-up feet look pedicured. In flip flops or sandals, though, I do need a pedicure afterwards.
ѦѺ 3 years ago
welcome back! you certainly had a a blast. :D
Angela 3 years ago
Sounds like is was fun. Welcome back, glad to see some of your comments on Amazon.
Char's Horror Corner 3 years ago
Welcome back and I'm glad you all had a good time. :)
I love to play dominion!