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This looks like tons of fun -- count me in for sure! And I can see myself doing both options on a whole number of these, too ...

You guys are absolutely amazing!
Abandoned by user 5 years ago
Thanks! I hope it will be lots of fun!
I'm sure it will be!
BrokenTune 5 years ago
This looks ace! So many ideas already for books and actions.... Like TA, there are a few where both options will probably make an appearance. :D
Abandoned by user 5 years ago
I love the festive season!

I'm totally going to make homemade donuts!
BrokenTune 5 years ago
Latkes/Kartoffelpuffer are one of my childhood favourites. So, I expect they will make an appearance. :D As will Christmas food, festive drink, and still a few others.
I need to try and make latkes. I need to find a recipe, but I'm thinking I'll ask my dad for his recipe!
BrokenTune 5 years ago
What's your dad's recipe, Grim?
Kitty Horror 5 years ago
Looks so much fun. Time to go through the tbr again. Yay! :)
Abandoned by user 5 years ago
Low stress, as well! (Hopefully)
Ani's Book Abyss 5 years ago
This looks like a lot of fun, and I can see some options/tasks I might do. I'm going to do a casual participation as I'm not entirely sure how many of these I'll be able to complete, but I will definitely give it a go! I'm also curious if any of the books I already planning on reading will coincidentally fall into one of the twelve categories without any pre-planning. lol

Thanks for another interesting game!
Abandoned by user 5 years ago
This one is definitely intended to be a more casual experience than the race that was Halloween bingo (for one thing, it has half as many reads but the same amount of time)! The holidays can be hectic enough without adding stressful reading challenges to it!
JL's Bibliomania 5 years ago
I'll be getting at least one (because of the Crystal Cave Buddy Read)!
I've got the drink all set :D I'm not sure I'll get everything else, but I'll try.
Olga Godim 5 years ago
I will try although I'm not sure I can complete all 12. But I'll definitely try.
Murder by Death 5 years ago
So, so much fun - thanks Moonlight and Obsidian for putting this together - I already have one task completed (will post it today) out of sheer luck!

Is there a tag we should use for these posts?
BrokenTune 5 years ago
Oh, looking forward to your post! :D
Abandoned by user 5 years ago
Me, too!
Murder by Death 5 years ago
I used 12 Tasks of the Festive Season for that first post - I don't think that's too long. Great idea about an additional tag naming the task - I'll add that one to my post now. :)
Yay, maybe I'll be able to finish this board!
I'm sure you will!
Portable Magic 5 years ago
This looks like so much fun. I'll have to put some thought into the planning, but I think I'll have it worked out this weekend. Hmmmmmm...
Bark at the Ghouls 5 years ago
You two are so creative. I'm going to bow out of this one because I am over committed but I'm going to enjoy seeing all of the posts around here :)
Chris' Fish Place 5 years ago
I'm in.
I'm so doing this one :D
Life have been really busy lately and not sure how much I can do, but I am game! Sounds like a lot of fun!!
Looks like fun! I'll try to participate in this!