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BrokenTune 12 months ago
I look forward to seeing the Bookish Pursuits endeavour play out. It's quite an exciting prospect.

As for blogging, I'm going a similar route: I'll use as my main home, but I will cross-post to BL. :)
charlton 12 months ago
Just glad BL is back online for the time being,and finding out some of the community is still going to to be active. :) (knocking on wood for good luck)
SilverThistle 12 months ago
Good luck with your new project!
JoRead 12 months ago
Good luck on your new venture!
Ooh. Fun. Good Luck!!
You should add Bloglovin onto your blog. It even has an app.
Moonlight Reader 12 months ago
It's already there!
Yeah, I seen that eventually...:)
Rane Aria 12 months ago
Lots of Luck with yours and Obsidian new blog! *hugs*
Looking forward to seeing more of your blogging cooperation!