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Two quick questions: can you clarify STEM? If you mean the STEM education coalition, that seems... really precise, so thus me asking for clarification on the Electric Company card.

Question two: if I roll for, say, Tomorrowland 33, on April 15, finish my book on April 15 and start another book about robots and finish that the next day, does only one of the books count? (And do I choose which book or does it have to be the first one?)
You can decide what book you want to have count. As someone else who reads fast I get that question.
1. Anything in a science, technology, engineering or mathematics field.
Thank you!
No worries. Please let us know if you have any other questions.
Moonlight Madness 1 year ago
Always interpret broader than narrower! I would never create a category that is so narrower there will only be a few books that can fill it!
Should have figured. I googled and was still confused so thanks for the clarification.
Murder by Death 1 year ago
I'm a little confused about the jail spaces:

1. How do you define the 'cost' of 500 pages? Is that a reduction in your bank money equivalent to 500 pages, or do you have to read a 500 page book that doesn't get you any money?

2. Ditto the Just Visiting space

3. In the space description it's 500 pages, but in the list of "BL" tasks, (#10), the criteria is different - 1 week or a friend reads 100 pages. (This one is less a question and more a clarification, I guess.)

I'm reading these posts in order, oldest to newest, so sorry if I'm asking something I'll be reading the answer to in just a few minutes. :P
Moonlight Madness 1 year ago
Both OB & I responded to you in the group, but I am also going to tweak those two elements a bit to clarify! I think that 500 pages is too many, now that I'm giving it a bit more thought.
Moonlight Madness 1 year ago
OK, I fixed it. Take a look and see if it makes more sense . . . !
Murder by Death 1 year ago
Yes! Thanks! I also read OB's post in the (proper) thread and that clarifies things perfectly. :)