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Book Cupidity 11 months ago
This is amazing! Sounds like so much fun :)
Obsidian Blue 11 months ago
I totally printed out a game board and cards :-D
WhiskeyintheJar Romance 11 months ago
This looks like so much fun! I can't imagine the work you two put into creating this. I don't know if my schedule will allow me to play along but I can't wait to see everyone playing.
Moonlight Reader 11 months ago
I am part of a GR group that does a lot of games like this, so while the content is completely original, I've seen other board games converted to reading games, so I had a pretty good idea of how to make it work. There will also likely be a few tweaks as we get going and I figure out things that don't quite work. Murder by Death already pointed out an inconsistency that I was able to fix, and someone else asked about DNF's, which refreshed my memory that I intended to add a "rule" to deal with DNFs! I don't want people getting stuck for weeks because they picked a book that they ended up hating and feel like they have to finish it to move on!

This is a marathon, not a sprint, so feel free to jump in and out of the game play! There's no specific pace required, no number of rolls required, and you don't have to read a book before moving on! I wanted to make the tasks broad enough to do some TBR busting, but narrow enough to be fun! Winning is all about banking pages, basically, with a bit of luck related to the rolls! And, even though that probably provides a bit of an advantage to fast readers, remember the fable of the Tortoise and the Hare? Slow and steady wins the race . . .
Char's Horror Corner 11 months ago
This looks like a lot of fun, if I can figure it out! Thanks to you both for setting this all up!
Bark's Book Reviews 11 months ago
You two have put sooo much work into this! I am a Tortoise so maybe I have a chance at this!
Obsidian Blue 11 months ago
I like that it's going to be a leisurely game. We have a couple of months to play so you can pick it up and put it down depending on what you are dealing with at the moment.
Portable Magic 11 months ago
Okay, this looks like lots of fun! I'm not going to spend a lot of time figuring out the rules, though. I think I'll just figure it out as I go. Looks like the first rule is that we can only roll on an odd day, so my first roll will be tomorrow.