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The game looks so super awesome, I'm going to enjoy watching folks play. I unfortunately have too many irons in the fire and just can't juggle it.
Moonlight Reader 1 week ago
You can always jump in later - It's a long game. I hope it is fun - I love seeing all of the activity on the feed!
I don't *think* I'll be playing either, but I plan on having great fun watching. (Also telling others what to read, if it should come up!)
Obsidian Blue 1 week ago
Happy reading!
BrokenTune 1 week ago
Happy reading. Paradise Lost sounds rather good.
Moonlight Reader 1 week ago
I like this series - it'll be a quick read!
What is considered Western Europe? I am curtley reading a book Called "The Silent Songbird", it set in Europe.. With castles and it a fairytales and fantasy.
Moonlight Reader 1 week ago
I answered your question in the Q&A section!
Obsidian Blue 6 days ago
Good roll!
Moonlight Reader 6 days ago
Mystery is pretty much always a good roll for me!
Ah, Ellis Peters. Enjoy!
Moonlight Reader 6 days ago
I really liked the last book in this series that I read, so I'm looking forward to it a lot!
Which one did you read?
Ani's Book Abyss 6 days ago
Ooh! Nice roll. I'm hoping for a cozy mystery roll, too. In fact, I'd be much happy if the BL-opoly gods let me roll numbers that land me on all the mystery squares. Happy reading!
BrokenTune 3 days ago
Nice roll! The cover of The Cornish Coast Murder is lovely. To be fair, I love this series just for the cover artwork alone.
Moonlight Reader 3 days ago
It is gorgeous, isn't it? I also chuckled about choosing it, because technically anything set in England qualifies for this task, as England is an island!
BrokenTune 1 day ago
I know, so many books to choose from, and almost the entire Christie catalogue qualifies. :)
How is this one going? Is it as Golden Age lovely as the cover implies?
Obsidian Blue 3 days ago
Good job!
charlton 3 days ago
That's a pretty cover,I hope the contents are as nice.
Moonlight Reader 3 hours ago
It was quite good!