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Murder by Death 11 months ago
I agree, she definitely does't read at all like Christie. There's a pragmatic, forthright wit to her characters (at least Sarah). Christie's tone is much more genteel, in both voice and plotting.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

(Did you see Themis-Athena would like to join us if we buddy read Grey Mask?)
Moonlight Reader 11 months ago
Oh, I didn't! That would be fun!
Murder by Death 11 months ago
She commented on your 50 Crime Reads post, about the time, I think, that you were on vacation, so I thought there was a good chance you might have missed seeing it.

I have my copy - not sure if Themis already has one or not, hopefully she'll see this post and respond. I know you're looking at doing your Ripley buddy read next and there's no rush on my part; take this more as a "my copy arrived!" and whenever you and Themis (if she's still interested) are ready, so am I. :)