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WhiskeyintheJar Romance 12 months ago
She is beloved by a lot in the romance community, people really enjoy how she mixes historical content with romance so well. I read her newer release Forbidden and liked it. The writing style/tone of Forbidden seemed a bit stark and choppy with character interaction at times but the way she incorporated the historical times and context was amazing, loved that part and how it gave me the historical feel I crave when I read the sub-genre. I think I'm going to try one of her older ones to see if I like them better.
Bark's Book Reviews 12 months ago
I read The Edge of Dawn but it wasn't the best choice for because it was action packed and I'm not a fan of those. I gave it a 3.
Kaethe 12 months ago
I've read only Indigo, but I liked it enough to put all of her other books on my list.