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Murder by Death 12 months ago
I remember at least two points in the beginning of this book, thinking I had completely lost any idea of what was going on, but some of the names cracked me up and kept me reading and of course it all came together. Fforde gets all the credit for me finally reading Jane Eyre; after this book I felt like I knew them all. :)

Glad you enjoyed it!
The Quilty Reader 12 months ago
Totally. It is sort of all over the place, but not because Fforde has lost control of his world.

Jane Eyre is one of my absolute favorite books, which really increased my enjoyment, I think. The way that Fforde tapped into the source material and incorporated it into his book was just delightful.
I love this series. (A later volume includes one of my favorite scenes: the cast of Wuthering Heights in anger management group therapy.)