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Debbie's Spurts 12 months ago
Have you read,7703654 ? There's also a Mercedes Lackey book in Five Hundred Kingdoms series that has a dragon librarian (I'll edit if I remember the name -- it may have been,187380 )
The Quilty Reader 12 months ago
I have read Seraphina. I liked the first one a lot, the second one was a bit of a disappointment.
Debbie's Spurts 12 months ago
Me, too. I didn't care for the second book, "Shadow Scale" at all. Possibly because I had high expectations. It was somehow sluggish. "Seraphina" was wonderful.
Tannat 12 months ago
I was also unaware that this had dragons!
Murder by Death 12 months ago
The dragons sort of sneak up on you in this book. :)
Sort of looking like part of the furniture -- the way they do oon the cover? (If that's supposed to be them and not snakes, that is.)
Murder by Death 12 months ago
Oh, ha! I thought those were snakes. Dragons make more sense though. :)
I was scrolling down and saw that cover "Library?, I want to read that" and then, I saw "dragons" I'm so sold.
I thought this a "kitchen sink" novel. Yes, it has dragons.