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Murder by Death 2 years ago
Ha - I totally saw the Archie/Margot thing coming. (I haven't finished yet, but very close, and I never care about spoilers, just chuffed that I got that part right at least.)

I find myself much more forgiving of the older mysteries too. In part, I think, because I sort of figure they're the forerunners of the modern mystery and therefore it's more reasonable that they are going to hit more kinks that modern day mysteries. I'm also aware that when they were written everything trope-wise was fresh and new; that somehow makes it easier to tolerate what would feel worn out and overused today.
Yes -- characters like Margot were written to meet the anti-intellectual-female perceptions and clich├ęs of the day; I can't imagine any self-respecting (female!) author today creating a character quite so excessively vapid. That being said, several of Margaret's decisions did strike me as selling her(self) way under value, too.

Though Miss Silver (and the author?), bless her, seems to consider women's intellectual powers even naturally greater than men's -- loved that little dig at Archie at the end, where she's complimenting Margeret (in absentiam) and says Margaret seems to be very intelligent "even for a woman"!
Murder by Death 2 years ago
It's funny - when I read that I didn't catch the tongue in cheek part; it struck me as odd that a woman with Holmesian intelligence would make a crack like that. It makes a lot more sense if she's being cheeky when she's saying it. (I kept getting interrupted when I was reading the end of the book - that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.)
I had to do a double take on that one as well and blamed it on a combination of lack of sleep and lack of linguistic prowess! :D
Obsidian Blue 2 years ago
Nice review!