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Kinda embarrassed by how convinced I was that this was a Chandler book originally.

By the way, this book is available on Hoopla - a digital lending service via libraries - for anyone who does have a library that uses Hoopla. It's there as both book and audiobook. Hoopla does limit how much you can borrow per month - my library is five items - but I've been told it's by library. It's how much they buy per month per patron.

Figured this might help a bit for those looking to get this from the library. The nice thing about Hoopla versus Overdrive is that the things on Hoopla aren't waitlisted: you can get what you want for two to three weeks by media type. (All books, including audiobooks, are three weeks and video and music are two. I think from what I remember.)
Tannat 11 months ago
Classic noir was the one I was really struggling with....
Kaethe 11 months ago
My library just added Hoopla and I'm pretty excited, even if it is only three a month for us. I daresay if it starts getting heavy use a system might choose to up their number.
Ohhh! I'm in! I've had this one in my tbr for years.
I'll start reading later today!