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Obsidian Blue 3 weeks ago
charlton 2 weeks ago
Looking good!
Obsidian Blue 2 weeks ago
Good job!!
Looks great! I love seeing everyone cards. Of course, my TBR is also growing by leaps and bounds. I should have been warned it was a side effect of participation!
charlton 1 week ago
2 squares marked in two directions,nice :)
Obsidian Blue 1 week ago
I need to do my page count as well. I have been listing page numbers though.
charlton 1 week ago
It's looking good!
Book Cupidity 2 days ago
Woot! You are moving right along! I love your "October" card idea!
Rane Aria 2 days ago
Whoa! You're knocking it outta the park Moonie!
Murder, She Reads 4 hours ago
So jealous at how fast you can read!!! :)