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Wow, it's a beauty. :)
Moonlight Reader 1 year ago
Thanks! I'm pretty pleased with the way that it turned out!
Thank you so much -- this is fabulous!! Love the center square ... very à propos. :D
Moonlight Reader 1 year ago
It had to be Eric the Skull!
Murder, She Reads 1 year ago
This is so cool!
I love it!
Portable Mistletoe 1 year ago
Looks great! Is this for a game?
Moonlight Reader 1 year ago
Not exactly - it's more of a tracking mechanism! It's open-ended.
Murder by Death 1 year ago
Yay! Looking forward to getting this one printed out and it looks like another spreadsheet is in order. :)

Thanks MR, for taking the time to create these for us - you are a legend!
Moonlight Reader 1 year ago
Lol! Legend in my own mind, maybe...! ;)
Progress! :)
Moonlight Reader 11 months ago
"So it goes." 10 months ago
Ella wanders off to the discussions to see what she has been missing because this looks awesome & I want a reason to use it.


It's inspired by a buddy read of Martin Edwards's "The Story of Classic Crime in 100 Books", which traces the major features and developments of (mostly) British crime fiction in the first half of the 20th century, and presents a total of roughly 100 (actually 102) books exemplifying the topics of each individual chapter. Many more books than the 102 specifically featured are referenced in the individual chapters, however.
"So it goes." 10 months ago
I did join, apparently 2 whole months ago, but I only just now decided I was actually up to the challenge, so I'm in! And thank you for all the lists and links and looking-up you've done. Wow.
Moonlight Reader 10 months ago
Here's a late welcome, then! Glad to have you along for the ride!

Themis gets all of the credit for those lists, which were truly an astonishing amount of work! I just made the pretty bingo card, because I love making pretty bingo cards and other stuff like that!
And your pretty bingo cards are what defines the BookLikes bingo club's (and Detection Club's) outward appearance, and we're all so much better off for that! Seriously, you have no idea how much they contribute to the joy of the game.

I converted the BookLikes lists I created into an Excel sheet, btw, to better be able to track my TBR, purchases, and reads for this project -- and while I was at it, I also added in the books mentioned in "The Golden Age of Murder" (though there is some substantial overlap, there is less of it than I would have thought). Crazy? Guilty as charged ...
Moonlight Reader 10 months ago
I need to read The Golden Age of Murder!
Yes! :) The two books really complement each other -- though in hindsight I feel I probably ought to have read "The Golden Age of Murder" first. It's got much more of a continuous narrative, and provides a lot of helpful background that is, or would have been useful in reading "The Story of Classic Crime".
Moonlight Reader 10 months ago
I decided to just buy it and start it!
Obsidian Blue 10 months ago
I still haven't read any books. I need to. I just bought two Christie books instead :-/ The Seven Dials Mystery and Sparkling Cyanide.
Moonlight Reader 10 months ago
The Seven Dials Mystery is mentioned in Chapter 7 - Murder at the Manor.
Oh, wow. You're zooming through these now!
Moonlight Reader 10 months ago
I made a lot of progress this week! I've also been working on my classic crime blog, and it is starting to shape up. I am in the process of migrating posts from other places to add content, as well as cross-posting my classic crime reviews from here as I post them!
Sounds excellent!

How was the Postgate, btw? (Or did I forget already I'd read your review?)
Moonlight Reader 10 months ago
You already read the review - I think you commented on it!
So I did -- goes to show my brain is well and truly a sieve these days. :) And of course, having reread it, I now remember my instant conclusion -- start the Postgate reads with "Verdict of Twelve" ...
Moonlight Reader 10 months ago
I still want to read Verdict of Twelve - I can't remember why I decided to start with Somebody at the Door.
... because it happened to be available more quickly? Or because it tied into the railway / travel theme (cf. "Mystery in White", J. Jefferson Farjeon)?
Moonlight Reader 10 months ago
These are both reasonable guesses. It's probably just the extremely shallow reason that I liked the cover better.
Hehe. :D