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Tigus 7 months ago
I just sort of froze. "that person is dead? THAT person is dead?!"

"the other two had left the room for 30 seconds! WTF Happened?!"
Moonlight Reader 7 months ago
Well, so much for the accuracy of the book's back cover blurb, too ...
Tannat 7 months ago
I guess I'll find out what you're talking about when I finally get around to cracking this one open past the intro...but hey, long weekend! Lots of time for reading!
It's a fast read -- you'll be done before the weekend is over.
Tannat 7 months ago
Oh I'm sure. It's just that my Halloween read for monsters is taking a while and I'm not sure I want to put it on the backburner.
I interrupted a 550-page serial killer book to squeeze in this one ... which came as a very welcome break amidst all the pure evil oozing out of the pages of the other book.