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Obsidian Blue 1 week ago
Linda Hilton 1 week ago
The quilt is gorgeous! Don't you just love handmade. . . stuff? ;-)
Moonlight Reader 1 week ago
I do love handmade stuff! Which is great, because I also like to hand make it! There is something so satisfying about finishing a quilt or a stitching project or some type of handwork!
What a beautiful quilt!

And that's good to know (or rather, not good) about the audio. One thing less to have to worry about ...
Moonlight Reader 1 week ago
It was ok. Just not as good as I had hoped!
Murder by Death 1 week ago
I'm jealous of your daughter, lol. It's a stunning quilt and it's going to make an amazing gift!!
Moonlight Reader 1 week ago
Thanks! I have quilt-grets - the regret that I always have when I make something as a gift and want to keep it!

I also have three pieces of embroidery that I am in the process of hooping to hang in my sewing room. I've put the first coat of black paint on the hoops, so they should be done tomorrow, and I will post a pic when I get them up! I am quite excited about getting those on the wall. My plan for my craft space is to fill the walls with handmade stitching & small quilted projects.
Linda Hilton 1 week ago
I'm the same way. Especially with favorite pieces of jewelry. I sold a particular favorite on the Studio Tour last week and thought I was gonna cry.
Portable Magic 6 days ago
At least you sold it. When my dad has a really fine item that he's especially attached to, he displays it so people will stop and admire it, but prices it so that nobody will buy it. He won't admit that this is a deliberate strategy though.
Linda Hilton 6 days ago
LOL -- I've done that before. I have a couple pieces right now that are priced a little high, but I've decided that if I have to part with them, someone is gonna make it worth my while!
Portable Magic 6 days ago
Yep that sounds VERY familiar.
Linda Hilton 6 days ago
On the other hand, several years ago I had one piece I did NOT want to sell, so I priced it a little bit higher . .. . and sold it! Those I have now -- there are three of them -- are still reasonably reasonable. And they get enough attention that one of these days, someone will snatch them up.
That is beautiful!
Person Of Interest 1 week ago
Your quilt is so festive looking! I heartily approve of the flannel backing too. I love how soft it is and sleep on flannel sheets year round.

I was just digging through my Christmas fabric stash earlier today thinking I could use a piece to stage one of the game tasks. I'd forgotten how many pre-printed panels I had, not to mention all the red and green prints!
Moonlight Reader 1 week ago
It did turn out cute! It's a mish mash of 3 different Christmas lines, but they all work well together

I've pretty much decided to back all of my quilts in flannel. Joann's has a big flannel sale this time of year, and I was considering actually buying four of five six yard lengths in various plaids or solids, which is enough to back the same number of quilts. It's marked down to $2.99 a yard this time of year!
Person Of Interest 7 days ago
Great plan and you can't beat that price. :)

I swore off fabric sales many moons ago because my fabric stash was out of control. Since I've developed problems with my neck and shoulders, I don't sew anymore anyway, but I still love looking at fabrics.
Moonlight Reader 6 days ago
I know what you mean! I have stash issues as well (at some point, perhaps I will post a tour of my crafting studio, and you will see what I mean)!
Linda Hilton 6 days ago
Ditto on the stash issues. :-(
That is soooo pretty. :)
Portable Magic 6 days ago
I don't know which I'm admiring more, the quilt or the setting you're showing it off in.