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Obsidian Black Plague 10 months ago
I never thought he wanted to be President. The night of the election they were going to present Trump TV. It was always being used to get his name out there.
Bookish Blerd 10 months ago
I never believed he wanted to be president. This was all a game to him, a game that he won by accident. I don't think even he believed that rational, educated people would vote him into office based on the garbage he spewed. Well the jokes on all of us because the American people are way dumber and so much more "ist" (race-ist, sex-ist, etc.,) than we could have ever imagined. And that is why his administration is such a mess. I think he was more shocked than anyone that he actually won. Maybe if thinks if he acts out enough (like a petulant child) he'll get impeached (expelled). He'll get more attention if he's booted out rather than if he bowed out gracefully. But I digress, thank you for reviewing, I'll definitely just borrow this from the library instead of buying it.