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I plan on buying this on payday
Obsidian Black Plague 10 months ago
Rane Aria 10 months ago
Well said Moonlight, well said!
XOX 10 months ago
Nice review. Agreed with all your points and your conclusion. These men should know better to let an obvious idiot have so much power.
Portable Monsters 10 months ago
Great review, and I agree completely with your conclusion about the people surrounding and enabling him. I was on the fence about getting this one, because I suspected that it would just confirm what I already know. And yet, I think I will.
Char's Horror Corner 10 months ago
Treasonous ratfucks is a an apt phrase.
Actually Trump reminds me of Emperor Ferdinand of Austria, who was on the imperial throne when the shit hit the fan in 1848. His best known pronouncement as emperor was "I am the emperor and I want dumplings!"