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*High fives* MbD -- congrats, and yey for the team!

Now I am eagerly awaiting the next bulletin which will explain how Gryffindor common room and a dark alley beatdown match up. (A beating administered in one of the magical corridors next to the common room?)
Murder by Death 9 months ago
*high fives TA* Go team! :)
Murder by Death 9 months ago
It just occurred to me that we have two murders (so far), so one murder's location could be Gryffindor and the *other* murder's COD could be the dark alley beatdown.
Lillelara 9 months ago
Well, I guess anything is possible at Hogwarts, even a dark alley beatdown in a common room ;D.

Congratulations, MbD, and yeah!
Moonlight Snow 9 months ago
I have a strong feeling that the green game is about to have another murder...
Moonlight Snow 9 months ago
Also, just reminding you about the Room of Requirement.