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Tigus 6 months ago
cool review! if I had actually figured it out, I would not have given it 5 stars. I should have at least had an inkling...but, oh well. anyway, besides whether or not one figures out the crime, I was just hooked by every chapter somehow; I would say this is one of more risqué of Wentworth's normally not quite so sexually-charged Mysteries, and I think that came as a delightful shock. didn't think she had it in her.
Moonlight Madness 6 months ago
It was really good. I liked both Antony and Julia, so their little side romance was cute. Wentworth is like Heyer in that way - her mysteries seem to always have a slender but cute romantic subplot (at least, according to my sample size of three).

And yes, Lois was quite badly behaved. She was a woman accustomed to using her flirtatious wiles to get what she wanted, which was pretty much everything.
Noted -- and vicarious thanks to Tigus as well! :)