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Obsidian Blue 9 months ago
Can't wait to read your reviews.
Person Of Interest 9 months ago
This list is great! Thanks.

I haven't read Michael Connelly though I did buy the first three Bosch books after the hubby and I got hooked on the TV series. They're currently buried in my TBR pile, and considering I just bought 13 new audiobooks and added another dozen titles to my local library 'read' list yesterday, I'm not sure when The Black Echo will float to the top.

We started watching the fourth season this weekend too, and I was pretty lost after the first episode and had to skim back though season three to refresh my memory. Granted my memory is lousy and we do watch a lot of mystery/crime shows, but the storylines are complex and interwoven so I cut myself some slack. I actually binge watched the next three episodes of season four last night after the hubby went to bed, and, yup, saw that coming. Great TV series, though.
Conversely, I‘ve read virtually all of the books, but have yet to get my hands on the TV adaptations ... :)

Looking forward to your reread reviews, MR.
XOX 9 months ago
I have been reading the series for a long time. Like it a lot. So happy to see it turned into TV series.

Bosch is a good and complex character and the police procedure include office politics. Good to hear you are enjoying the series too. Looking forward to your reviews .