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BrokenTune 7 months ago
Yup, the problem is real.
My Mt. TBR Project is part of how I deal with the purge. Once I have read a book, it is likely that I will want to pass it on to someone else. I rarely keep books unless there is a special reason (signed copy, personal favourite, some other reason).
Most of mine go to Oxfam or charity bookshops, as only few of my friends are avid readers and those who are favour different genres.
I'm keen to see what process of elimiation you come up with. :D
Moonlight Snow 7 months ago
I'll probably do some progress posts, hopefully with pictures. My Agatha Christie collection is all on one shelf, and it is so pretty that I want all of the shelves to look that nice!

Do you keep an inventory of books? I never had, and I sort of want to.
BrokenTune 7 months ago
I bet your Agatha shelf looks awesome. :D

I don't keep an inventory. I sometimes wish I did but I'd probably spend more time creating and maintaining the inventory than actually getting a benefit from it. That's a lot of time that I could spend reading.
Murder by Death 7 months ago
I keep an inventory - I live in a 100+ year-old timber house and I'm terrified a fire will eat all my books and the insurance company won't want to pay actual replacement value unless I actually have an inventory. Plus, honestly, scanning books is fun.
Elentarri's Book Blog 7 months ago
There is a book catalogue app for android devices. You just have to scan the barcode in, or put the ISBN in or if you have really old books, put the info in. And then sort by shelf or location if you want.
Tannat 7 months ago
What's the name of the app?
Elentarri's Book Blog 7 months ago
Book Catelogue. It allows you to scan your books in, make shelves, insert ratings, if you have read the book, where the book is located, there are import and export functions, and a variety of ways to sort the books. I think you can link it to your goodreads account if you want to import stuff (I think - this isn't a feature I use so didn't look at it too closely.).
Tannat 7 months ago
Thanks. I experimented with libib but haven't really been using it...and I don't think I could set up locations there.
Yup. And I"m going through this for the same reason.
Familiar Diversions 7 months ago
I'm...really bad about cutting my collection down. I feel like I can't offload a book until I've read and reviewed it, and I don't read and review nearly as many books per year as I buy.

That said, when I do get rid of books, here's what I do. I have three categories: 1) recycle/trash, 2) donate to the library I work at, 3) sell at a used bookstore. #1 is rare and limited to books that are literally falling apart or otherwise physically in terrible shape. #2 is my preferred category, because I happen to know that my library rarely acquires recreational reading and is rarely gifted books in the genres I tend to read.

However, some books are so objectively bad that the thought of having them cataloged and processed for checkout bugs me, which is where category #3 comes in. I also use category #3 for fragile paperbacks that aren't in bad enough shape to recycle but wouldn't withstand many checkouts before needing to be mended. And then there are some books that I worry could get me in trouble, like romance with half-naked people on the covers. We have a few of those at my library, but my library director has made it clear that she views them as porn and only allowed them into the collection because the author has ties to the university, so I try to limit my romance donations to stuff with tamer covers.
Moonlight Snow 7 months ago
I like this process. I think that I will collect books to sell back in a box until it is full, and then make a trip to Powell's to sell them back. I find that my local UBS has such a lame selection that I don't really use the credit, and Powell's sells everything, although they are fairly picky about what they buy back.

I also work in a place where there are a lot of people with kids, and I was thinking that I might have a giveaway and just bring the kids/MG/YA books that can't be sold and let people pick through them before trying to sell/donate them.
Char's Horror Corner 7 months ago
I love the idea of letting your co-workers take a peek. Books can be expensive and not everyone has the ability to get to or otherwise has access to a library.
Linda Hilton 7 months ago
I am in a similar situation at least in terms of


Maybe we should have a discussion group for that?
Moonlight Snow 7 months ago
More like a support group! :)
Am I the only person who feels like the support group would turn into a book swap and we'd have the same problems with different books?
Moonlight Snow 7 months ago
Hahaha. You're probably right. There'd have to be a "rule" that for every book we take in, we need to get rid of one.
Char's Horror Corner 7 months ago
LOL That's exactly what would happen!
I have no self control when it comes to books!
BrokenTune 7 months ago
LoL. Yeah, I can see that happen, too. A support group full of enablers.
Linda Hilton 7 months ago
I guess I'm sort of lucky, then, because I know I have more books I could give away than I would take in. For one thing, I know I have duplicates. I also have paper editions of books I now have digital copies. I'm heading over to Discussions to figure out how to do this.
Rachel's books 7 months ago
I swap online (PBS and booksfreeswap), give to friends, or leave at various Little Free Libraries around me.
XOX 7 months ago
Share your problem. Need to make space for books. If you have a coffee table, maybe a box style bookcase with a glass or wooden top would make a better coffee table.

I have seen one design to actually build another level for the room and use the floor as storage for books and other stuff.

I shared your problems with too many books with too little space. Haven't got the heart to let go of the books yet.
Tannat 7 months ago
I also have too many books for my bookcases but I'm not really willing to fix the "problem" since most of them I want to keep (for rereads). I've started limiting the number of physical books that I buy significantly but that just means that I accumulate a massive virtual bookshelf while my bookcases get double shelved as I slowly accumulate the physical books.
JoRead 7 months ago
Ha! I think we all have that problem. I don't have any room to spare for my books so I have to keep them in storage containers. I may/may not have over 300 prints stored, but I'm pledging the fifth =
Murder by Death 7 months ago
I don't have a book hoarding problem, I have a book shelving problem. As in, not enough.

I'm totally ok with having huge numbers of books, as long as I have shelving for them, and I'm pretty good about culling books I know I will never read again. The exception here though is books that are worth selling (over giving away); I'm super lazy about listing them for sale because it's a pain in the butt.

When I do cull, they go to Friends of the Library in a nearby community for their book sales. I'd love to give them to friends but my friends either don't read much, or don't read what I do. My love of books as physical objects makes it hard to sent them to the op shops because I suspect they bin most of the ones they get.
Elentarri's Book Blog 7 months ago
I cut down all my books when I moved. Most of the non-fiction I kept - they are used as reference and general knowledge books. The fiction stuff got culled quite heavily. 90% went to the used book store and what they didn't take got donated to the SPCA shop.
Linda Hilton 7 months ago
I took quite a few to the Friends of the Library last year, when I of course bought a bunch. I could get rid of a lot that way, but as I go through some more and post them here, I'd rather swap than donate. But I won't leave them on here forever. Maybe a month or so and then they'll go to FoL..
Murder by Death 7 months ago
I'm looking forward to your group, Linda; I'll happily post some in the next few weeks and see how it goes. :)
Obsidian Blue 7 months ago
I have been good about donating on a yearly basis. That said, my shelves are packed right now. I hit up the bookstore in Portland, B&N on some weekends and of course ordered some via Amazon. My TBR is insane right now.
Bark at the Ghouls 7 months ago
I have this problem as well. I'm much like Familiar Diversions in that I can't let go of a book until I've read & reviewed it and they pile up much faster than I can read them. I also have piles of books that other people have given me when they've moved so now I have to deal with them. I tried taking a bag to the UBS near me and they rejected nearly half of them and only gave me $9.00 for all the rest I see the as-new hardcover (The Shape of Water) that I turned in on their shelves selling for FULL PRICE. They gave me $3 for it. I'm so pissed I will never bring them another book. They're also selling the Locke & Key hardcover for $50.00 when it has clearly been pre-read. Amazon has it for $37.00. Grrr, I like to support local stores but they are greedy. I'm sticking with my LIttle Free Library because it gets a lot of use from seniors and others and I feel like my books are ending up in the hands of readers .
Linda Hilton 7 months ago
I had the same issues with some of the UBS I used to frequent. I've noticed that all of them are now out of business, except for one that continues online.

If I had a secure place to do it, I would set up an outdoor "Free Lending Library" where folks could just take a few and/or leave a few as they chose. My street is out of the way and doesn't have a safe spot, so I guess online swapping with friends here or FoL is my best choice!
Elentarri's Book Blog 7 months ago
What about donating to the local retirement village, hospital, school etc?
Linda Hilton 7 months ago
Well, my entire community is a retirement city, so to speak. The library is well used by young and old alike. Donating there would ultimately help a larger segment of the population. FoL sales put the books back in circulation, either for personal use or into a specific facility, and bring a little cash to the Library that everyone uses.

Most of my donations would not be considered suitable for schools. ;-)