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BrokenTune 6 months ago
And yet, I have the sneaky feeling that there was a lot of truth in this farce. :D
Glad you liked it.
Moonlight Snow 6 months ago
Indeed - I could actually see some of the conversations taking place in a less obvious form.
Chris' Fish Place 6 months ago
I loved his End of the Affair.
"So it goes." 6 months ago
I've read a bunch of his short stories, but I've not read many novels. I bought The Third Man & The Quiet American at a remainder sale in January and I'm looking for a decent used/remaindered copy of The End of the Affair, but now I have more I want to read (once I read the two I own.) THIS looks right up my alley.
BrokenTune 6 months ago
I love Greene. This one was one of his best. I can also thoroughly recommend The Comedians. And Travels with My Aunt.