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Oh, wow. This does sound exciting ...
The Quilty Reader 2 weeks ago
It is somewhat dense, though. I wouldn't call it a potboiler in the James Patterson sense - Furst takes his time with his narrative, although parts of it are very exciting.
What interests me most here is the different perspective -- for once, not that of a Western spy (of whatever nationality) but one from Eastern Europe -- as well as the area and conflicts covered. Another one for my TBR, too, I think!
The Quilty Reader 2 weeks ago
Yes! That was one of the things I really enjoyed about it - a very unique perspective.
BrokenTune 2 weeks ago
Ok, this is moving up the list. My library order has been submitted!
The Quilty Reader 2 weeks ago
I hope you like it!
"So it goes." 2 weeks ago
Oh, I've never seen this before, but it sounds wonderful and right up my alley. Lemme go find a copy!