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Mike Finn 8 months ago
Amen to that. The concentration of wealth and power this century, especially since the greed-induced 2008 financial meltdown, has handed the world to a bunch of entitled arseholes.
Education -- education -- education. Defund schools, universities and teachers and make people think education doesn't matter, and your country will inevitably go down the drain. Economically, politically, socially, environmentally, and in every other respect.

Couple lack of education with media organizations that are either inherently biased or more interested in their corporate bottom line and the interests of their wealthy, powerful owners and investors, and you might as well declare the end of democracy, because "the will of the people" and "government by the people" become meaningless phrases.

I have not *ever* been as scared for our world as I am now, and that includes growing up in a divided Germany on the frontline of the Cold War with nukes sprinkled generously all over my country and the better part of the rest of Europe. And I'm feeling this way not merely on account of Trump and Brexit -- democracy is under assault pretty much everywhere on the world; including in Germany -- but Trump and his crew of cleptocrats certainly make for impressively loathsome poster boys for the current state of the world.
Mike Finn 8 months ago
I agree and almost everything comes back to the Mercers, tbe Koch brothers and Putin, an unholy trinity of greed and power
Yup. Though Trump isn't their "puppet" or their "creature" -- he's their co-conspirator. As are Farage and his ilk.
Moonlight Reader 8 months ago
I am right there with you, Themis. I grew up in the middle of the Cold War. The threat of immediate nuclear annihilation feels positively idyllic at this point.
True. And though in part that may be because it felt like a somewhat abstract thing -- whereas right now we're literally flooded with images of Trump, the Brexit debate, and right-wing movements everywhere day-in, day-out -- during the Cold War, I basically always believed that the determent effect of the nuclear threat worked ... that the political and military leaders on *both* sides of the divide were ultimately sane enough to realize that they'd blow the entire world to smithereens if they didn't handle the whole thing like a basket of raw eggs. Whereas sadly, that definitely is *not* true for today's generation of politicos (I refuse to refer to them as "leaders").
Mike Finn 8 months ago
The political divide is no longer between east and weSt but between those defending democracy and those defending the freedom of billionaires to make money as easily as possible.
... which is a truly scary thought.
Moonlight Reader 8 months ago
Not just freedom of billionaires to make money as easily as possible, but the freedom of billionaires to privatize all profits and socialize all losses and externalities onto the impoverished of this generation, and everyone in the next.

It's not a fucking coincidence that Flint still doesn't have clean water.
I love how people are keeping Flint and Puerto Rico and Parkland, and pretty much every other one of this government's major failings, plus its multiple instances of egregious corruption alive and in the public eye on Twitter. That doesn't mitigate the toxicity of social media (Twitter included -- not least in the comments of posts like these), but it's a great way to weaponize technology in the interest of democracy and human rights.
Mike Finn 8 months ago
I agree. One of my favourite British Member of Parliament, Angela Eagle, has summed this up as "The New Serfdom" driven by market fundamentalism
Thank you, I'll have to look into that ...