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BrokenTune 8 months ago
Make the most of it! Have fun!
Hol 8 months ago
Sounds like a lot is happening for you. Make sure you make great memories.
"So it goes." 8 months ago
Aww, I wish you were my mom! I am 50 and still can't make a decent egg! Have fun with your babies, know that you did everything possible to make them the people they are, and don't worry about us. We'll still be here for when you need to hide in books again. Hugs to you all.
Congratulations on your kids' graduations -- hope you'll have a wonderful summer with both of them, especially with your daughter!
JL's Bibliomania 8 months ago
Congratulations on these milestones!

(My baby graduates from 8th grade in a few days - not quite as drastic a change, but a change)
Obsidian Blue 8 months ago
Congratulations! I know it is going to be odd at first to have a slightly emptier home, but as you said, modern technology allows us to talk to each other all of the time. My family have a Marco Polo app that allows us to send videos to each other. We do that every morning (just saying hello) and whenever we are doing something. Most of the time I am doing those videos from my couch :-)
(( Hugs )) I have been there three times. it is wonderfully saddening to watch them fly with all our memories to a new place
Bark at the Ghouls 8 months ago
I can understand your melancholy feelings. I often joke that mine will live with me forever but I know I will be lonely and sad when they do leave,. One wants to move to Boston or Paris. She hasn't decided which :) And the other will probably stick close to NH.
Char's Horror Corner 8 months ago
Congratulations on being such a successful parent! Good luck as you roll through these changes in your family life.