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Yes -- bingo no. 2! :: happy dance ::

Update post to come, probably later today, once I've finished the Anna Massey audio version of "Rebecca", which will then also be my reading blackout.
Obsidian Blue 2 months ago
Will add!
Moonlight Snow 2 months ago
It looks like I am going to be the 2018 Linda Hilton! No bingos yet...
I bet once the dam breaks, it'll *really* break and they'll come tumbling in. You're so close ...
I'm competing with you for that.
Familiar Diversions 2 months ago
That gives me three in a row.
Yay! I've read this one! It's even on a line I finished reading. :D
Obsidian Blue 2 months ago
At this point I am being mocked.
Lillelara 2 months ago
Out of the six squares I havenĀ“t on my card, five have been called. What are the odds? ;D