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Woohoo!! [wild happy dance]
Moonlight Reader 5 months ago
I. Cannot. Resist.
You better not, ever -- lucky us!! :D
Moonlight Reader 5 months ago
Yeah, I'm unlikely to change in this regard. ;)
BrokenTune 5 months ago
Oh, Moonlight, ... you mastermind of mischief! I love it.
Moonlight Reader 5 months ago
Oh, I do love that moniker!
BrokenTune 5 months ago
Marvellous. :)
Mike Finn 5 months ago
That is a wickedly irresponsible thing to do. I heartily approve. Of course, I have to finish "London Rules" first... unless I use it for my Darkest London Square or I could... (walks away mumbling to self and lost to the world).
Welcome to Halloween Bingo! :D))
BrokenTune 5 months ago
Yup. This is how it goes. All planning goes to pots even before the game officially starts. Enjoy, Mike
Moonlight Reader 5 months ago
I like to keep y'all on your toes.
Any more of this and you'll turn us all into perfect ballet dancers!
Tannat 5 months ago
No plan survives Moonlight Madness...
Moonlight Reader 5 months ago
Jennifer's Books 5 months ago
Oh goodness! Where do I start?
Moonlight Reader 5 months ago
At the beginning?
Jennifer's Books 5 months ago
But...but...but...which book???
OMG OMG OMG! Which one, gotta pick one, aaaaaaah!
Moonlight Reader 5 months ago
I know!
Ani's Book Abyss 5 months ago
Oh my God! So sudden, and I'm not ready yet, and I've still got books to finish before this starts, but I so, so want to start reading for Halloween Bingo... but I need to go get some books from the library now... ack, I feel so unprepared...

I so saw this coming, though. -_- Moonlight, you devilish mischief-maker, you. I hope this happens next year as well. =P AND I'm looking forward to any other twists you throw our way! Bring it! hehe
Moonlight Reader 5 months ago
I am the mastermind of mischief - BrokenTune said so! ;)
Casual Debris 5 months ago
But I'm still only half-way through The Prince and the Pauper & want to finish!!

(Can I use that one for a square? Darkest London? Amateur Sleuth?)
Spooky's Maze of Books 5 months ago
oh i like this idea a lot , now to pick what one to read but I'm already reading 3 books 2 is list , so do i really want to start a other one , yes ,no, maybe , ok so i'm starting a new book .
Murder by Death 5 months ago
This... THIS is why I brought the new Chloe Neill with me half way 'round the world. Woot!
Moonlight Reader 5 months ago
You know me!
Jessica (HDB) 5 months ago
You're my hero! Now... what to read...
Perfect timing...I just had one of my holds for bingo released to me. I will start as soon as I finish Warcross.