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Tigus 3 weeks ago
your Creepy Carnivals spot seems to be minus a half-moon, no?
Moonlight Madness 3 weeks ago
It does indeed! I just noticed myself. I will fix it later - off to work right now!
Moonlight Madness 3 weeks ago
Fixed it!
Keep it up!
Fingers crossed! :) (Me, too -- just need "Ghost Stories".)
Tigus 2 days ago
I'm going to be an absolute naggy pest again...and politely mention that it seems to me you can move Madball from the Yellow Moon List, over to your White Cat List. in other words, I think you have it right on the Card, but not on your Lists. if I'm reading this stuff wrong, please forgive!
Moonlight Madness 2 days ago
Haha - I forgot to move Diverse Voices, too. I'm glad someone is checking up on me!
Tigus 2 days ago
ah, see, now that shows where my bias is, but there you go, Diverse Voices nabbed too.
charlton 2 days ago
Card is looking good:)