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Murder by Death 6 years ago
I feel like I either have Spindrift somewhere in the piles, or I've looked at it in stores so often it feels like I own it. Don't think I've ever heard of Feather on the Moon - looking forward to your thoughts on both. I think I have a few new Miss Silver's in the mighty mighty haul but I'm making myself not look until the last box arrives.
I'll be curious what you'll make of the Wentworth and Lorac books (the Lorac is on my TBR already; Wentworth just might go there, especially given the thumbs-up from Tigus).

And I hear you, even though I'm not living in the U.S.
Good idea! The books look good and I’m happy I had more women on my second card, but going to see about having an all women card too.